Unity 3D Assets

2D Effects Creator

2D Effects Shader Editor is a node-based shader creation tool for creating 2D shader effect that work with 2D sprite and Unity UI.


ColorBox is a shader pack which alllow you to coloring your model without texture. You can define directional color from 6 directions and fills with solid color or gradient.

IAP Manager

IAP Manager is a simple helper to simplifying the setup of in-app-purchase for mobile game. It supports Apple app store, Google play store and Amazon Kindle app store (with Amazon IAP plugin).

IAP Manager Pro

IAP Manager Pro is a total solution for in-app purchase and game data management. It provides an easy way to manage the in-app purchase, virtual currencies, inventories, game level data and player properties in the game.

Audio Manager

Audio Manager is a manager help you to load/play sound and music in your game.

Easy Wireframe Pro

Easy Wireframe Pro is a shader package that display mesh wireframe with various effect. Textured wireframe and animated effect make it different from other wireframe shader in the market.

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